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Join a global movement to prepare, adapt and respond to the most pressing challenges in food and water. Nurture breakthrough ideas, apply human-centered design to engineer innovative hardware solutions that help achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Our participants are driving solutions for zero hunger and clean water.
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Adili solar hubs builds, owns and operates solar powered cold chain management hubs for the marginalized fishing communities. These hubs consist of ice flake machines as well as cold room.


Mo-Bins: Revolutionizing Post-harvest Cereal Conditioning

We are working on a solution that enables enhanced handling of cereals in order to reduce wastage


Solar Food Dehydrators for Small-Scale Farmers in Guatemala

Built from locally available materials, our hybrid dehydrator uses passive solar and photovoltaic power to dry raw agricultural products to create local production capacity for local markets.


Pasteur – portable pasteurization technology

Pasteur is a product aimed at tackling the problem of dairy wastage in remote and inaccessible areas of the world.No electricity, no fuel, long shelf life and a smart and scalable business idea.


Communal Storage Tech.

Integrated cooling in African rangelands



OnlyFresh is a standalone refrigerated unit for transporting fresh vegetables.


Agricycle Global: Transforming Waste Into Opportunity

Agricycle is a vertically-integrated portfolio of ethically-sourced and upcycled brands. We design simple, appropriate technology using zero-electricity to preserve natural fruit abundances.


EcoLife Cold Room

"Ripe" for change: a cold room for fresh produce that prioritizes cooperative design, affordability, sustainability, and technological innovation.

Integrated Food Storage and Rot Monitoring and Control for Post Harvest Storage

We intent to have a design built to ensure good post harvest food preservation and real time monitoring for food grown by rural farmers especially cereals.

Solar Freeze

Solar Freeze is pioneering potable cold storage units powered by solar energy for rural smallholder farmers of perishable produce.


scaleUPcycle Mobile Factory

scaleUPcycle Mobile Factory is a mobile and flexible factory that prevents food waste by processing and packaging otherwise wasted food on-site at farms and companies.

DERGI – Conservation Container With Scorched Oxygen

Inside the container, a sulfur wick burns oxygen and fumes vegetables with sulfur oxide. The tightness of the container is maintained.


A cold storage structure which could be put in a box


FridgeCart: Affordable and Scalable Solar-Powered Mobile Refrigeration

Affordable and scalable solar-powered mobile refrigeration for agricultural and medical use, mainly intended for temporary storage and transportation via a cart in areas that have poor infrastructure.


Solar Thermal Adsorptive Refrigerator (STAR)

STAR will provide reliable and sustainable refrigeration to the rural populations of Peru. STAR uses activated carbon and ethanol to create a refrigerated environment to revolutionize food safety.


Off Grid Grain

Community scale, solar powered, post harvest grain processing. This system will rapidly process and load grain into storage preventing post harvest losses, exposure to the elements and spoilage.



Effect of Chitosan Edible Coating Enriched with Peel Extracts from Citrus Limon and Leaf Extracts from Ocimum Tenuiflorum on Bananas

Hit Three birds with one stone

This innovation controls post-harvest losses (PHLs), aflatoxins and malnutrition.


Development of a Hybrid Multi-Crop Greenhouse Dryer for Rural Households and Small Scale Farmers

In sub-Saharan Africa, postharvest losses are high, with farmers losing as much as 25 and 65% of their grains and fruits/vegetables respectively. Large scale greenhouse drying can solve this problem.


Novel solar still for desalinating water at rural well sites

A novel solar still that can efficiently desalinate brackish groundwater from rural wells, producing potable water for local communities to safely drink.


Desalination Battery for Electrochemical Brackish Water treatment

Our electrochemical desalination system outcompetes traditional methods like reverse osmosis or distillation in terms of energy efficiency and system scalability.


Modular, energy efficient and scalable desalination technique, without phase change using concentrated mechanical waves

The technique developed utilizes breaking water surfaces into fine droplets that can later be coalesced, avoiding phase change provides high energy efficiency, scope to build modular, scalable designs


Apü üya Wüin – The Guardian of Water

Design of a “Ready-to-assemble” device for solar water desalination, along with an education strategy to assure social appropriation of the technology for the community Parenskat in Guajira/Colombia.


Rain Maker

The efficient and low-cost design aims to desalinate water for safe consumption by communities around the world.


Clean Water Project

Our team is tacking salt water intrusion facing in the Nile Delta caused by rising sea levels, periodic earthquakes, and external factors like the construction of the GERD on the Blue Nile.


Solar powered desalination from one household to communities to cities. Modular design.

Patented 100% solar technology with a production range from 12 to 50 liters/m2. Feed all salty water. Product is distilled water free of minerals, bacteria and viruses. Option for dry salt.



Aquam is a system to desalinate and sterilize brackish water for drinking and daily use by running the water through a 3 phase process using the natural environment.


Water Water Everywhere

A focused and scaleable solution that can grow as the need does

Drinking water desalination empowerment device

It is an autonomous desalination device for the family or collective building, producing an adjustable quantity of high quality drinking water .


Desalination for Santa Elena Communities, El Real.

Provide steady supply of potable water in order to reactivate the economy of costal communities that have suffered of frequent droughts in Santa Elena province, Ecuador.

Seros – portable RO system

The Seros (salt extracting reverse-osmosis system) is intended to be an ultra-portable and simple RO device targeted at highly water-stressed environments to desalinate Brackish Water.


Applying Electrodialysis and UV Rays in Treatment of Brackish and Waste Water for Agriculture

Build an affordable Water Treatment System based on a laboratory prototype by the non-profit OMID USA that uses solar power, UV rays, and electro-dialysis to produce “clean” water for agriculture use.


A Self-floating Oscillating Surge Wave Converter for Decentralized Sea Water Desalination

A self-floating oscillating surge wave energy converter to power RO modules for desalination of in-situ sea water.


Corrugated Wick Solar Still Impregnated with Phase Change Materials

The system is a solar based system with phase change materials which helps to store excess thermal energy thereby increasing the total output.



An easy, cost-effective water filtration system for household use.

Simply Water

A sustainable and innovative product that breaks boundaries in the world of technology.


Low Cost Effective Desalination System (LCEDS)

It is a 2 leveled system. One for making a cost-effective membrane from industrial and farm waste and another part for using this membrane in large scale desalination of brackish water.



A revolutionary idea, focusing on developing a water purification system which produce drinking water at low cost with minimal energy consumption & efficient brine water management.

Genesis Systems’ Aqua-GEN Water Creation System

Genesis is developing, creating, and placing state of the art, economy-altering, sustainable water solutions in the most arid environments on earth— generating water from the air at industrial scales.


Flour Tower

Solar drying mechanism targeted for small farms in sub-Saharan Africa.