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When the sun goes down, the day ends. No work after dark, no studying. That’s the reality for one quarter of the world’s population that lives without electricity. Inventive design and the falling cost of solar power is lighting up homes that the traditional energy grid has left dark. Power solutions that can scale are filling in the grid gaps with solar, hydro, wind and biogas. With alternative energy solutions, the world is lighting up.

Interest: Energy

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Nick Moses

How to Design Improved Cookstoves with Users in Mind: A Usability Protocol

September 27, 2018

A key problem with improved cookstoves is that they can go unused, or used in unintended ways. While many cookstoves...

Marina Díez Arrizabalaga

Field Notes: Inside a Technical Assessment of Improved Cookstoves in Rural Nicaragua

September 3, 2018

The work of ensuring reliable, affordable and sustainable energy access has taken center stage in the international development sector....

Carolina Rojas

El Acceso a Estufas Mejoradas en Panamá Necesita de Nuevas Investigaciones en Comunidades Indígenas

August 20, 2018

Read this article in English A nivel internacional, 2.7 billones personas aún dependen de fuentes de biomasa para cocinar...

Carolina Rojas

Access to Improved Cookstoves in Panama Will Require New Research in Indigenous Communities

Lea esto en español Around the world 2.7 billion people still depend on biomass as a cooking fuel. In...

Rob Goodier

A New Microwave Pyrolysis System Targets China’s Mountains of Toxic Sludge

May 1, 2018

China has been burying itself under a mountain of toxic sludge, but one startup may have a technological solution....

Guest Author

Biomining the Elements of the Future

April 17, 2018

Biomining is the kind of technique promised by science fiction: a vast tank filled with microorganisms that leach metal...

Mayarí Pérez

Made in Guatemala: Clean Water and Nutrition Technology in Central America

February 17, 2018

Guatemala is a Central American country with great opportunities to innovate. Despite immense natural resources such as rivers, lakes,...

Jatin Nathwani

Empowering the powerless: Let’s end energy poverty

February 2, 2018

“Power to the people,” the activists chanted in the 1960s. The revolutionaries of yesteryear never dreamed of the scientific...

Frank Bergh

From Electrification to Empowerment: Building a Utility-Grade Micro-Utility from the Bottom Up

December 29, 2017

On the wall of the Sigora Haiti field operations center in Mole Saint Nicolas, Haiti, the company’s 50+ local...

Bill Nussey

Can Community-Scale Solar Become the Model T of Clean Energy?

December 23, 2017

Every single solar project, big or small, gets assembled one at a time on a roof or in a...


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