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Megan Richardson

Developing Engineering Tools for Biogas and Water Distribution in Tanzania

December 19, 2018

I spent two years in a rural Tanzanian village learning how to collaborate to develop water distribution and biogas...

Grace Burleson

Advancing Research on Technology for Poverty Alleviation: How E4C Learns from Academic Institutions Worldwide

December 11, 2018

Worldwide, researchers investigate solutions to solve our world’s greatest concerns, such as access to clean water, food security, and...

Engineering for Change University of Edinburgh

DIY Solar Panel: A step-by-step how-to guide

November 29, 2018

Engineering for Change came across the Facebook page of a like-minded organization that happens to share our name, this...

Ignatius Waikwa

Inside Strathmore University’s Energy Research Center

November 13, 2018

Engineering for Change’s Research Fellow Ignatius Waikwa came to our organization while working as a research engineer at Strathmore University’s...

Aneri Pradhan

Race Matters when Achieving Universal Energy Access

October 28, 2018

A workshop was held in Kampala, Uganda to announce a new fund for energy access entrepreneurs. Approximately 50 excited...

Iwona Bisaga

We Cannot Design Appropriate Energy Technology Well Without Including Women

October 18, 2018

The value of user-centered design is indisputable. If we want to design products and services that work for the...

Virendra Kumar Vijay

Biological Waste to Biogas: A Solution to Self-Sustainable Energy in Rural India

October 10, 2018

“Independence begins at the bottom. A society must be built in which every village has to be self-sustained and...

Rob Goodier

Confirming the Value of a Distribution Network, Essmart Raises USD $1.2 Million in Financing

October 4, 2018

The marketing and distribution of a product may matter even more than its design. Diana Jue Rajasingh, a veteran...

Nick Moses

How to Design Improved Cookstoves with Users in Mind: A Usability Protocol

September 27, 2018

A key problem with improved cookstoves is that they can go unused, or used in unintended ways. While many cookstoves...

Marina Díez Arrizabalaga

Field Notes: Inside a Technical Assessment of Improved Cookstoves in Rural Nicaragua

September 3, 2018

The work of ensuring reliable, affordable and sustainable energy access has taken center stage in the international development sector....


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  • Very useful information obtain here from the rest of the members

    Solutions to Keep Food on the Table in a Changing Climate
  • Hi Anna, Thanks for your comment! Ethical research really shouldn't allow discrimination in this way. In this case, the profit incentives of the journal appear to take priority over ethical publishing practices. I would suggest that even as a early career researcher, it is possible to voice your con...

    Words Fail Us: Racism in International Development Publishing
  • Wow, glad the special issue found a new home! As a new academic, I was shocked to find out that discrimination by national origin could even be allowed. As a graduate student in a western university, do you have any suggestions for what we can do? Our advisors/supervisors are typically the ones who...

    Words Fail Us: Racism in International Development Publishing
  • Hi Elizabeth, I Have a face shied design that only needs a soda bottle! Whats needed 3" hole saw, drill, razor knife, a little fun task, and a face to protect. But I do not know yet how to post ideas on E4C. I did join the Pact-covid challenge on HeroX right now, we are the only team in this group....

    Global Health Design Informs this Open Source Face Shield
  • This is a very well written information. WHO and UNICEF should also research more with scientist on this issue.

    Can Handwashing with Ash or Soil Prevent COVID-19?
  • Shehab, you raise an interesting point about the necessity of paying for water while serving low-income communities. A useful analogy may be access to food⁠, which is also a necessity for life, and one that requires payment to cover the cost of raising the food, processing it, transporting it, and s...

    Overcoming Financial Barriers to Household Water Connections in Ghana
  • Your idea is actually in practice in some places now, especially communities in emerging economies. It has different names, but the gist is that the community owns and manages water and other utilities. They often have help building the infrastructure, as you suggested, and then they learn to organi...

    Overcoming Financial Barriers to Household Water Connections in Ghana
    Rob Goodier
  • I am really not able to understand the fact that local people have to pay so much money for Water. which is a necessity and not a luxury for survival. Why cant there be a solution where there is one time installation cost for a system and people have access to clean water. Maintenance should be done...

    Overcoming Financial Barriers to Household Water Connections in Ghana
  • where do I buy an Ace onecookstove in cape town

    Evaluating Household Energy Resources in Rural Kenya
  • ETL Testing Training In Chennai Java Training In Chennai Python Training In Chennai R Programming Training In Chennai Salesforce Developer Training In Chennai SAP HANA Training In Chennai SAP MM Training In Chennai Selenium Training In Chennai Digital Marketing Training In Chennai Angular js Trainin...

    10 Great Sites for a Free Online Education

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