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  • Dear Mahesh a 0.1 million tonne torrefaction plant for agri residue will cost about Rs.27.0 crore to set up and operate with 1 year raw materials and one cycle of working capital costs. If interested kindly mail me at or call leave message at +91-6302826397

    A greener, wealthier future for farmers with village torrefaction plants
  • insightful, we have a waste problem in Nigeria, and i am pioneering an independent research to solve it. Sewage is directly dumped in rivers, lakes and other gradual moving waters, sometimes canal. What advice can you give me. My country is Nigeria.

    10 Ways to Put Human Waste to Use
  • It is a great contribution on the post-construction on rural water system. How can I volunteer...

    Post-Construction Support For Rural Water Systems
    Aaron S Pittman
  • great topic to be involved in. am an electrical engineer in africa...this is a game changer

    Technology Access is Ushering in Agriculture’s ‘Data Revolution’
    andy james
  • Hi Jon, thanks for the recommendations! Iyour feedback about incorporating "Engineering Education" in this list is noted. It is a critical topic because I also whole-heartedly agree social justice needs to become mainstream in eng education! Unfortunately, I cannot edit this entry to add your SUGGES...

    Reading list: Exploring the Connection Between Engineering and Social Justice
    Ankita Joshi
  • Nice article. I really enjoyed while reading your article. We proud of our Indian people who have invented these innovations. People need to know the innovations invented by Indians. So that they feel proud of our nation. Here all of you go through the unknown...

    Made in India: 10 life-changing Indian technologies
  • No, that is not what we do. If you're looking for products, though, we do standardize information about technologies that meet basic needs in underserved communities. You can find them in our Solutions Library here:

    E4C at age 1: The best of our inaugural year
    Rob Goodier
  • it has been years... any product to sell, or still just talk...?

    E4C at age 1: The best of our inaugural year
    William Yates
  • We currently have a gravity fed community water system. We are no longer meeting the water quality for our area. The government/EPA is requiring us to put in a chlorination system or find another source. We would like to find a system that could be put inline at the source to bring us into complianc...

    Post-Construction Support For Rural Water Systems
    Dick Bluff
  • We want more about solar energy as well as maintenance of battery which cost a lot for urban in developing countries.

    Can Community-Scale Solar Become the Model T of Clean Energy?
    Dr Khin Maung Ye

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