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The boom in mobile phone ownership has been one of the unanticipated success stories of global development. And with all of that computing power in the hands of so many people, software engineers are at the leading edge of the work to improve lives. Other electronic hardware is also gaining momentum, with innovations like e-readers, drones and 3D printers. These tools are how communities can leapfrog over phases of development to catch up with the pack.

Interest: ICT

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Abir Chermiti

IEEE’s Women in Engineering Celebrated Leadership Beyond Borders in Tunisia

October 25, 2018

Tunisia, a small country in North Africa, known as leader in the Arab world when it comes to the...

Kelly Alexander

mWater tops a CARE team’s comparison of ICT tools for monitoring water and sanitation projects

September 4, 2018

The CARE Water+ team reviewed three ICT tools to improve the efficiency of monitoring data on water points and...

Rob Goodier

Tecnologia para Salvar a la Lengua Quechua

July 3, 2018

Ingenieros de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú están desarrollando un software que interpreta la lengua indígena Quechua con...

Alex Green

Technology Access is Ushering in Agriculture’s ‘Data Revolution’

July 1, 2018

A solution to ease some of the pressure to produce food as the world’s population climbs may be the...

Guest Author

I teach refugees to map their world

May 28, 2018

I first visited the Zaatari refugee camp in early 2015. Located in northern Jordan, the camp is home to...

Satish Babu

ICANN’s data security report: Tiered model to comply with new GDPR, questions remain on KSK

May 14, 2018

Engineering for Change’s Contributing Editor Satish Babu reports on the implications of the ICANN61 meeting and community forum in...

Rob Goodier

On the savanna, mobile phones haven’t transformed Maasai lives – yet

May 10, 2018

Mobile phones are everywhere. In fact, they may be nearly as common on the African savanna as they are...

Rob Goodier

Origins of a Startup: The Mechanical Engineer Aline Saraiva Okello Co-Founded HarvestRainWater in Mozambique

April 27, 2018

The following is an excerpt from the book Founding Women: African Women Who Are Defying the Odds to Build...

Rob Goodier

Satellites and Cell Phones: A Guide to Remote Monitoring of Water and Sanitation Technology in Global Development

April 24, 2018

From satellites peeping at water sources to “smart” latrines, new tools have emerged to help fix the problems with...

Guest Author

Five Operational Lessons Nonprofit CEOs Can Learn from the Closure of SIMLab

February 19, 2018

Before the Social Impact Lab (SIMLab) closed its doors in January, CEO Laura Walker McDonald published an honest and...


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