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  • I might be able to help. I posted an update a couple of years after this article and you can see it here: And Chase (now Alexis) Lewis has a website with contact info here: https://www.alexislewisinven...

    A 12-year-old engineer designs a life-saving travois for refugees
    Rob Goodier
  • One good website in the area of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

    10 Great Sites for a Free Online Education
    Engineering Done
  • I just started as the STEM Education Advisor for Brilliant Star Magazine and I ran across this article. I tried to contact Chase to see if there were any developments since it was published to see if it would be worthwhile to highlight his innovation in the online version of the magazine, but his em...

    A 12-year-old engineer designs a life-saving travois for refugees
    Stephen Scotti
  • Hi my name is Bohlale Machinini and I am 12 years old, for a science project I will testing whether a solar powered power bank would be useful in a persons everyday life. I would like to ask you if I could get one of your solar powered power bank kits to perform this experiment. please do get back t...

    How to build a solar-powered USB charger for phones and other small devices
    bohlale machinini
  • Hi I’m Florence from Montréal in canada. I have a grocery store zero waste bulk and I think we have the same goals. Please tell me if I can buy you a lot of bracelet and sell it in my store. Have a nice day Florence

    Can a bracelet craze clean our oceans?
    Florence de vette
  • Dr Aruna Shekar
  • Have you found bracelets in your beach trash?

    Can a bracelet craze clean our oceans?
  • Hey! Great article. I'd like to mention that there are Environmental Laboratories that provide testing services too. Lab testing is more accurate than Do-It-Yourself tests and we are customer focused. We offer testing packages for common contaminants on our online store as well.

    Wanted: An easy test for bacteria in drinking water
  • there 120 mooc courses for free, of course, with certification. visit

    10 Great Sites for a Free Online Education
  • I thank the author for having invested time to write something about the ICT in DRC. This field has been too dark for DRC in a way that, specific figures are rare to be found online and even in libraries. I would encourage the author to give us more references so that this article can be taken as sc...

    ICT in the DRC: Challenges, Solutions and Opportunity
    Vyannee matsoro

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