A new nucleus for depressed urban redevelopment

Some people are calling this opportunity for charge diversity, The New Nucleus Plan, or “Atomic Diversity.” They call it “Atomic diversity” because like the nucleus of an atom needs balanced positive and negative charges (protons and neutrons) to survive, a community needs balanced positive and negative charges to survive. Atomic Diversity will make struggling communities brand new again. But what exactly is it?

University students learn that people remember the negative things seven times more than they remember the positive things in life. Many newspapers, therefore, report the expressed negatives seven times more than the positives. So, readers may only be able to believe forty-nine times (seven times seven) more negative than positive. The English dictionary even has almost twice as many negative emotional words as positive emotional words to choose from according to Psychology Today.

Even our most permanent court organization records only the negative forevermore. Our great-great-grandchildren, therefore, will only be able to read the negative about us. We may be sinking ourselves by allowing the super negative to live on and on and on and by not allowing any positive to have even a foot-hold in our community.

Many people, particularly in depressed communities, feel the need to balance the negative bias with equal positive. Ray Williams with Psychology Today says that it takes 5-10 positive events to counterbalance one negative event. Atomic Diversity is positively charged diversity.

The plan for a new nucleus is to synchronize nonprofit organiza-tions in a hub for shock waves of free-flowing information, safety awareness, and for promoting super positivity to counter the negativity with equal diversity.

Negative words, reports, & records are sinking us.

Positive words, reports, & re-cords will be a life preserver to keep us afloat for our kids.

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