Project development engineer specialist for public research center in mexico

The Peace Corps offers a unique experience to make a difference around the world and bring the benefits of that experience back home. The personal and professional rewards of Peace Corps service last a lifetime. Peace Corps Response recruits U.S. citizens with significant experience as well as returned Peace Corps Volunteers for short-term, high-impact assignments. These positions are streamlined and designed for Volunteers to hit the ground running. Competitive candidates bring extensive technical skills to their assignments and as such, may apply to specific positions in a country of their choice.

A Peace Corps Response Volunteer (PCRV) is needed to serve as a Project Development Engineer Specialist for CIATEQ A.C. in the state of Queretaro, Mexico. CIATEQ, a public research center, offers technological services to various industries and it is determine to provide high-quality services. Thus, we are seeking to improve our own technological development project processes by incorporating new methodologies and systematizing it. Of particular attention is the development of solution concepts component. Currently, solution concepts are developed by the project team based on the collective technical knowledge and expertise, but very often are based on the experience only of the group leader; no methodology or systematic process is followed to ensure consistent and low risk results. This has resulted in various problems: the proposed solutions do not solve or partially solve the problems being addressed; having to rework various stages of the project, requiring to rethink concepts and to carry out the project almost in its totality; projects that are not completed in time, within the budget and lacking in quality; the lack of systematization has made it very difficult to mage projects in an effective and efficient manner and has caused problems in the operation. In an attempt to address this issue and to increase the generation of intellectual property as well as to maximize human and material resources CIATEQ is exploring potential methodologies and tools to implement across all departments. One of such methodologies being considered is functional analysis.

A Project Development Engineer Specialist, with a degree in engineering and 5-10 years’ professional experience (or a master’s degree and at least 3 years’ professional experience), is needed to help identify and train staff on methodologies and tools that will help develop of technological projects in a systematic manner ensuring quality, project success, and client satisfaction. The PCRV will identify and propose methodologies focusing on the functional analysis of problems and the generation of solutions, identify and propose the most adequate project development methodologies to use at CIATEQ, and define an implementation plan for the selected methodologies considering short, medium and long-term actions in a two-year-maximum time frame. The Volunteer will also facilitate training workshops for the team members as needed to ensure all members have the skills and knowledge needed to begin implementing the chosen methodologies according to the implementation plan. The goal of this assignment is to build the working group’s capacity and strengthen its technical skills and expertise by sharing his/her knowledge and experience about project development best-practices.

Please note the approximate departure date is 5-Sept-2017 for a 12-month position. Final invitation decisions will be made by mid June. Volunteers receive benefits including: transportation to and from country of service; settling-in, living, and leave allowances; vacation days; medical care; and the option to receive a travel stipend in lieu of a return ticket. In addition, Peace Corps Response Volunteers receive a readjustment allowance of $450 per month of service.

For more information and to apply for this opportunity, please go to the posting on our website here:

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