Volunteering opportunity in Congo, central Africa

My name is Serge, Mechanical engineer for a small startup consulting firm in Baltimore. We operate in Architecture, Building construction, IT, B2B and our focus is turned toward Africa and particularly, the Democratic Republic of Congo where there are serious issues with professionalism, work ethics, respect and knowledge of codes and standards. Things that we would like to see changed if we want to be successful operating there or if local businesses want to be competitive in this fast changing world.

Since the late 1990s, there has been a boom in naval construction in Kivu (Province/state in Congo) where the number of locally built ships has increased three times and luckily, despite shipbuilders shortcomings in design, standards, codes, human disasters have so far been avoided. Please note that this is the main transportation mode between the two largest cities in this part of the country and some of these boats can carry more than 500 passengers. Any accident here would be disastrous!

Our company is looking for an experienced naval design engineer/professor who is willing to volunteer a few days this summer in Congo to teach/assist local shipbuilders in various aspects of shipbuilding. We will take care of the return flight ticket, accommodation and visa.

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