How to Stem the Flow of Plastic Waste for a Global Impact

The world’s desire for plastic bags and bottles seems insatiable, but the planet is choking on plastic waste. What can be done to turn the tide and engineer solutions? Through guides, case studies and webinars we explore inventive means of tracking and recycling plastic waste in the world’s underserved communities.

Track Plastic in the Water and Convert Waste to Energy

Thought leaders worldwide share ideas for converting plastic waste to energy, incentives for recycling through small business creation, tracking waste in the ocean through citizen science and, broadening the scope to global environmental health, solutions to mitigate global warming.

Handling Mountains of Empty Plastic Bottles

What can be done when communities struggle with a growing plastic problem?

"You're using too much plastic. Every year, a profuse amount of plastic garbage, like straws, wrappers, and bags, are thrown away. In fact, the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills each year could circle the earth four times. Shockingly, a lot of this waste piles up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the North Pacific Ocean. Of all the garbage in the patch, 'it is estimated that 92 percent of the mass is large plastic objects.'”
- Jane Goodall's Good For All News

July 14

How can rural villages manage mountains of empty plastic bot...

What can rural communities in Guyana do to handle mounds of plastic bottles in their trash? “Plastic waste is a huge problem for Guyana,” Scott Stadum,...

April 03

Emerging Economies Convert Plastic Waste into Fuel

Communities in emerging economies can convert their waste plastic into a fuel oil that can be used as a drop-in substitute for diesel or kerosene. The University of Kentucky...

Technology Featured in the E4C Solutions Library

Social ventures and aid organizations are pushing the limits of extremely low-cost and durable technologies to develop increasingly better products that process plastic waste. Many such innovations have a place in the E4C Solutions Library, a living database of products and services that are intended to be accessible and appropriate for those living in poverty. Here we highlight three products that convert plastic waste into useful materials.


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