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Is global food security achievable?

Travel with us to places where a changing climate has catalyzed innovative technology solutions, sustainable farming and resiliency techniques.

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In this series we present a critical perspective on achieving food security, with insights from E4C News and leading experts at the UN World Food Programme, Global Food and Agriculture Program at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Wanda Organic, Lexmerca International Trade, Helvetas and more. Editorial support for the series was graciously provided by Jeff Winters of Mechanical Engineering Magazine.

"For so many today, the rains aren't coming or they came for too long and washed out the fields. That's why this book, and the solutions and thinking it points to, is so important at this moment. I hope it finds its way into the hands of many who are ready to use it and get to work."

Alesha Black, Director the Global Food and Agriculture Program at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.



Wise water management is key to farming the world's shifting drylands. These tools and tactics address the problem's technical dimension.


Communities vulnerable to climate change have devised innovative, low-cost means of water treatment and crop irrigation.


Confronted with increasing uncertainty, farmers can mitigate risk by changing their relationship to waste, transforming it into useful products such as tools and fuel.


Take climate-change preparation into your own hands. Learn how to build your own stove, seed planter, aquaponics system, sack garden, worm composting bin and 3D-printed corn sheller.


A universal nut sheller, baobab grinder, solar aerator for shrimp ponds and other technologies help farmers earn more money as changing climates threaten their livelihoods.


Unexpected new weather patterns reduce harvests and push pests into new areas. Farmers can adapt with food processing and storage solutions.

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