April 27, 2011

E4C’s YouTube project: We round up tech videos to inspire and instruct


We’re curating videos on our YouTube channel for inspiration and guidance on making appropriate technologies.

We’re taming YouTube’s video explosion to bring you sets of carefully curated mini documentaries and DIY tutorials. Our YouTube channel now features playlists of videos arranged into categories. You’ll find “Cooking innovations,” “Geothermal power,” “Water pumps,” and others. And with continuous updates, we’ll add more playlists while we expand and improve the existing ones.

With the help of our friends at ApproVideo, we’ve tried to present the best videos to teach and inspire your projects. You can help. Just post links in the comments section below to the videos that you think we should include. And tell us what you think. Please check back for regular updates.

Now, we present the playlists:

Cooking innovations – biogas, briquettes & more

World Stove Hall of Fame

Sustainable construction ideas & how-to’s

Solar power

Hydro power

Wind power

Biofuel roundup

Geothermal power

Water pumps


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