March 12, 2011

Japan’s earthquake and tsunami: Here’s how to help


Smoke rises from a fire two days after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Photo credit: Kyung Lah/@KyungLahCNN/TwitPic

UPDATE 3/14 —

Friday’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan left thousands of people injured or missing, more than 200,000 homeless and more than 1 million homes without running water. Aid agencies have fielded emergency workers, and online crowdsourcing tools are helping locate missing people and manage crises. They can use your help. Here’s how to contribute. We’ll update this list with your tips as you send them in. Please post to the comments section or our Facebook page or tweet us at @Engineer4Change.

One-stop online resource center

Google Crisis Response
[March 14 update] Google has compiled online resources for news, finding missing people, donating and other ways to respond and contribute.

Find people

Ushahidi’s Disaster Site Sinsai
The Ushahidi platform, which we’ve reported on recently, is helping in the search for missing people and those who need help. The site compiles and maps info from news outlets, SMS, Twitter and other sources to efficiently crowdsource and organize information. Try using Google Translate to convert the page’s text to your preferred language.

Google Person Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake
Google launched a missing person finder to help in the search for loved ones.


Red Cross
Japanese Red Cross teams are assessing damage and treating the injured.

For updates: Red Cross Disaster Online Newsroom Donate online
Donate by text: Make a $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999. The charge will appear on your next phone bill.

Global Giving
Global Giving is working on the ground in Japan to provide support to other aid groups. Donate online


Even miles inland, water and mud persist in Sendai, Japan. Photo credit: Kyung Lah/@KyungLahCNN/TwitPic

Save the Children
Save the Children is responding to the needs of children and their families in Japan.
Donate online to the Japan Earthquake Tsunami Children in Emergency Fund

Second Harvest, Japan
Second Harvest made a list of equipment and supplies that rescue workers and victims need in Japan. They tick off items as donations come in.
Donate online

Mercy Corps
Mercy Corps is taking donations for their partners on the ground in Japan. Donate online

International Medical Corps
The medical aid organization deployed an emergency response team to Japan.

Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders
The international medical aid organization sent two teams to Japan.
Get updates on their operations

The international humanitarian aid organization emphasizes the empowerment of women and families. Its operations in Japan are preparing to respond.
Get updates

Salvation Army
The international aid organization is supporting relief work in Japan from its 80 centers, two hospitals and four children’s homes.
Get updates
Donate online
Or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY
Or text the words “Japan” or “Quake” to 80888 to make a $10 donation.

The international aid organization is providing emergency shelter for the tens of thousands of newly homeless in Japan.
Get updates
Donate online
Or text the word “Shelter” to the number 20222 to make a $10 donation.

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