March 19, 2011

Our week in tweets: RIMMEA workshop edition

In this special edition of our week of tweets, we’ve selected highlights from the tweet storm we generated at the National Science Foundation workshop this weekend—Research in Materials and Manufacturing for Extreme Affordability. For the full coverage and commentary on the workshop at Twitter, search #RIMMEA at And check back at our News blog for the event’s take-home points and ideas on what’s next.

integrated design requires 3 types of collaborators: path-finders, problem-solvers, implementers – Larry Barrow #RIMMEAFri Mar 18 13:51:24 via web 

Anil Gupta: affordability is not the same as accesibility.grassroots innovators do not always solve own problems #RIMMEAFri Mar 18 14:20:02 via web 

Anil Gupta: bamboo windmill at a fraction of the cost and able to handle extreme wind conditions – contingent innovation #RIMMEAFri Mar 18 14:22:16 via web 

@msenagala working on his corn shelling skills on stage with Amy Smith…corn shelling device from d-lab wins #RIMMEAFri Mar 18 14:45:21 via web 

the maker model: 1 maker making 1 million things vs. 1 million makers, making 1 thing. whenre on the spectrum are we? #RIMMEAFri Mar 18 14:47:14 via web 

Amy Smith: “opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” thomas edison #RIMMEAFri Mar 18 14:56:09 via web 

larry barrow: modular design challenges the notion of modern architectural aesthetics and leads to extreme affordability #RIMMEAFri Mar 18 15:08:35 via web 

amy smith: increasing capacity locally requires co-creation and a shift in the educational model of n.american universities #RIMMEAFri Mar 18 15:10:39 via web 

Anil Gupta: Affordability requires changing notion of aesthetics – handle from tea kettle can be door handle #rimmeaFri Mar 18 15:09:31 via TweetDeck 

panel takeaway: Waste streams must be thought of as inputs to systems and profit streams #rimmeaFri Mar 18 15:20:50 via txt 

#rimmea this generation is able to know the problems better, faster, students want to work on real life problemsFri Mar 18 14:56:19 via web 

Pratim Biswas: next generation nanostructured solar cells learning from nature. collaborative research in a consortium of 28 labs #RIMMEAFri Mar 18 17:52:17 via web 

Maria Gonzales: informal settlement project – local bamboo solution using guadua as primary material. renewable and beautiful #RIMMEAFri Mar 18 18:05:17 via web 

Mark Henderson: challenge – how to build a supply chain for gel fuel when community can get wood from the forest in ghana? #RIMMEAFri Mar 18 18:12:22 via web 

Wes Janz: Sandbag House ..cost $7000…local women as labor#RIMMEAFri Mar 18 18:17:33 via web 

Matt Jelacic: need new materials that are flexible so people can use traditional building techniques and reduce waste stream #RIMMEAFri Mar 18 18:28:38 via web 

Elizabeth Kisenwether: the art of bootstrapping..forget the ‘proven’ team..find the young or the young at heart to catalyze the idea #RIMMEAFri Mar 18 18:34:22 via web 

RT @bsuCAP5: The life cycle of an affordable product needs to factor people, perceptions, planet, sustainability & profit. #rimmeaFri Mar 18 21:25:29 via TweetDeck 

the e4c vision is to raise the ‘innovation quotient’ for appropriate tech development #RIMMEASat Mar 19 12:31:14 via web 

larry barrow: modularity and repetition are inherent to nature. architecture must follow the example #RIMMEASat Mar 19 13:08:13 via web 

samuel sia: Lab on a chip to allow for biomedical testing in the field#RIMMEASat Mar 19 13:27:29 via web 

micro venture finance and horizontal supply chains have the potential for supporting innovative products going to scale #RIMMEA #bopbizSat Mar 19 14:08:11 via web 

maria gonzales: we need to empower the base of the pyramid to leverage the research from academia #RIMMEASat Mar 19 14:22:25 via web 

Triple bottom line: people, planet and profit as a way to evaluate program effectiveness #RIMMEASat Mar 19 19:56:29 via web 

ultimate long term goal…research must be followed by implementation and loop back…lab to land to lab #RIMMEASat Mar 19 20:53:18 via web 

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