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Pallavi Bharadwaj

Water Security will Take Precedence in Food Production as Populations Rise

July 11, 2019 shall come from developing countries in 2050, aiding the annual global cereal production in its climb to...

Pallavi Bharadwaj

Saving mothers, Giving Life: One Solution at a Time

May 22, 2019

...with strategies like ensuring mothers had birth plans, implementing a voucher system to subsidize costs, and distributing “mama...

Josh Kearns

Innovation Needed Now! To Control Persistent Organic Chemical Toxins in Drinking Water in Developing Communities

June 28, 2016 developing countries compared to affluent regions as many compounds that have been banned or restricted in Europe...

Rob Goodier

Ten common and uncommon technologies boosting grades in developing countries

September 18, 2013

...a low-cost, rugged audio computer for teaching and sharing information in rural Ghana. Communities use the devices to...

Rob Goodier

Global Fishing Watch puts the crowd in charge of monitoring protected marine reserves

March 31, 2017

Fishers encroaching on protected marine areas may have a harder time taking advantage of their anonymity on the...

Rob Goodier

How to make a wooden mold for biosand water filters

August 5, 2016 with the concrete. This will make the de-molding process easier and is especially important to prevent the...

Dania Montenegro

Panama’s Flying Labs Launches a Social Innovation Challenge

April 24, 2019

...promises to awake the spirit of innovation, promote teamwork, use of social innovation concept, and facilitate the conditions...

Janet Gunter

Don’t toss it… Fix it! How to find the information you need to repair electronics and appliances

August 30, 2016 directives will require manufacturers to share documentation for disassembly and repair. The repair hive mind Luckily, we...

The Conversation

We Built an App to Detect Areas Most Vulnerable to Life-Threatening Haze

September 12, 2019

...of blocking fires in different regions and under various land management scenarios. Users can target one or a...

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