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34,263 Members

Geographic Location of Members*

  • India 12102
  • United States of America 2994
  • Pakistan 1292
  • Nigeria 631
  • United Kingdom 375
  • Philippines 365
  • Kenya 336
  • Canada 316
  • Nepal 316
  • Bangladesh 315
* Membership data is compiled through surveys, while visitor data is compiled via Google Analytics.

Members by Age

  • 0-17yrs 1%
  • 18-24yrs 46.9%
  • 25-34yrs 29.5%
  • 35-44yrs 9.4%
  • 45-64yrs 11.2%
  • 65+ 2%

Members by Gender

  • Female 17.2%
  • Male 81.6%


  • Academia 26.2%
  • Industry 32.6%
  • Entrepreneur 11.1%
  • Government 7.7%
  • Nonprofit 7.3%
  • Other 15.1%

Engaged Community Across the Globe

A Leader in Attracting and Training Global Talent

Ranked #1 for Jobs in Humanitarian Engineering

Level of Expertise in Global Development

  • Novice 23%
  • Intermediate 70%
  • Expert 7%

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  • Be part of the change! Join Sir David Attenborough in voicing your opinions about #climatechange in advance of #COP24. The People’s Seat enables you to take personal #climateaction. Tweet your thoughts using #TakeYourSeat. @SirDavidBBC 21,610
  • We need to talk about failure. If you weren't successful at the first attempts, don't worry. Take it as an opportunity to learn and improve your #innovation. #MotivationSaturday 18,778
  • How to build your own solar panels. A step-by-step guide with pictures. 11,575
  • What we’ve learned about hardware startups: From ASME’s four years of hosting the global ISHOW, several common themes stand out. 10,733
  • It's time to take action! Our colleague Chad Frischmann illustrates 100 things we can do to put a drawdown plan in action and try to avert a climate change disaster. Find out more in his TED talk: To learn more about solutions to reverse global warming, watch our free webinar: 9,421
Data from the past 30 days

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  • Female 172,122
  • Male 881,055

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