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32,127 Members

Geographic Location of Members*

  • India 11851
  • United States of America 2581
  • Pakistan 1251
  • Nigeria 574
  • Philippines 344
  • United Kingdom 315
  • Bangladesh 291
  • Kenya 290
  • Nepal 288
  • Canada 275
* Membership data is compiled through surveys, while visitor data is compiled via Google Analytics.

Members by Age

  • 0-17yrs 1%
  • 18-24yrs 48%
  • 25-34yrs 29.3%
  • 35-44yrs 9.1%
  • 45-64yrs 10.6%
  • 65+ 2%

Members by Gender

  • Female 16.6%
  • Male 82.2%


  • Academia 26.2%
  • Industry 33.2%
  • Entrepreneur 10.8%
  • Government 7.7%
  • Nonprofit 6.9%
  • Other 15.2%

Engaged Community Across the Globe


1,240,841 Pageviews
Data from the past 12 months

Countries with the Most Active Visitors

  • India 267k
  • United States 149k
  • Turkey 37k
  • Pakistan 24k
  • Philippines 23k
Data from the past 12 months


2m 8s Time On Page Average Visitor
Data from the past 12 months

Pageviews Over Time

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Mobile vs Desktop

  • Desktop 49%
  • Mobile 47%
  • Tablet 4%

A Leader in Attracting and Training Global Talent

Ranked #1 for Jobs in Humanitarian Engineering

Top Organic Searches

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  • how to make a sack garden
  • how to make biogas from human waste
  • how to do sack farming
  • how to make solar mobile charger at home


Engineering Intern—Sust ainable Coconut Processing | Engineering For Change Top Opportunity

Level of Expertise in Global Development

  • Novice 23%
  • Intermediate 70%
  • Expert 7%

Active Social Media Audience


335,850 Impressions on Page Posts
Data from the past 30 days

Page Post Reach

  • Here’s the 2018 @asmeishow USA “Fan Favorite” the WERLWind which provides a solution to poor yields for smallholder fish farmers. It’s an affordable, floating, wind-powered aeration device that improves water quality and increases the pond’s overall dissolved oxygen (DO) content. This is what #socialinnovation looks like. 14,762
  • It's World Day to Combat Desertification... Here we present ancient methods and tools to farm in dry lands 14,524
  • #FellowFriday Meet E4C Fellow, Radhika. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Environment Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. She has designed a water distribution network for a rural town and determined the working efficiency of water treatment plants in Bhopal. She has worked on spreading social awareness on issues like child labor, education system and eye donation through street plays. As her Master's project, she is working on analyzing the harmful emissions of incense burning- a popular source of Indoor Air Pollution in India, and it's health impact. Learn more about our fellowship at 13,680
  • Cecilia Mariscovetere is building a house for people affected by the eruption of Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala and... wait for it... she's using an E4C tape measure. Cecilia is a research fellow at Engineering for Change who was working last week at Techo in her home country. 12,086
  • Everyday Transportation Around the World 10,053
Data from the past 30 days

Female vs Male Page Likes

  • Female 173,488
  • Male 884,358

Facebook Daily Reach

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July 15, 2018
374 Impressions
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July 15, 2018
670 Impressions
16 Engagements
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July 15, 2018
837 Impressions
16 Engagements
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