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The E4C platform cuts across geographies, disciplines, and cultures to foster a global community and forge a movement of knowledge sharing, essential technology innovation and informed decision making. Explore how your support mobilizes our community below.

E4C's Growing Audience


31,349 Members

Geographic Location of Members*

  • India 11680
  • United States of America 2492
  • Pakistan 1206
  • Nigeria 506
  • Philippines 330
  • United Kingdom 304
  • Bangladesh 280
  • Nepal 278
  • Kenya 276
  • Canada 269
* Membership data is compiled through surveys, while visitor data is compiled via Google Analytics.

Members by Age

  • 0-17yrs 1%
  • 18-24yrs 48.3%
  • 25-34yrs 29.2%
  • 35-44yrs 9%
  • 45-64yrs 10.6%
  • 65+ 2%

Members by Gender

  • Female 16.5%
  • Male 82.3%


  • Academia 26.2%
  • Industry 33.2%
  • Entrepreneur 10.8%
  • Government 7.8%
  • Nonprofit 6.8%
  • Other 15.2%

Engaged Community Across the Globe


1,228,236 Pageviews
Data from the past 12 months

Countries with the Most Active Visitors

  • India 289k
  • United States 145k
  • Turkey 47k
  • Philippines 22k
  • United Kingdom 21k
Data from the past 12 months


2m 8s Time On Page Average Visitor
Data from the past 12 months

Pageviews Over Time

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Mobile vs Desktop

  • Desktop 49%
  • Mobile 47%
  • Tablet 4%

A Leader in Attracting and Training Global Talent

Ranked #1 for Jobs in Humanitarian Engineering

Top Organic Searches

  • how to make solar mobile charger
  • penetrating oil
  • amazon
  • solar stove
  • how to make a sack garden
  • how to make biogas from human waste
  • how to do sack farming
  • how to make solar mobile charger at home


Engineering Intern—Sust ainable Coconut Processing | Engineering For Change Top Opportunity

Level of Expertise in Global Development

  • Novice 23%
  • Intermediate 70%
  • Expert 7%

Active Social Media Audience


303,678 Impressions on Page Posts
Data from the past 30 days

Page Post Reach

  • Our most-viewed page of the month: 10 Great Sites for a Free Online Education 93,326
  • A Guide to Remote Monitoring of Water and Sanitation Technology in Global Development (excerpts from the Worldbank publication by Evan Thomas et al) 50,094
  • Engineering students working abroad on projects in global development... Is it service learning or 'volunTOURism?' 47,824
  • Gallery: Our visit to the Gearbox workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. They have 3D printers, a CNC, cool work stations and lots of other toys. 13,429
  • Do you know about our E4C Fellowship? We provide training and opportunities for engineering students engaged in global development. On #FellowFriday we will share more about this program and the amazing fellows that make it great. Meet Marina, new 2018 E4C fellow. Her passion drives her work. She is a Renewable Energies Engineer who recently finished her master's degree in strategies & technologies for development at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in Spain. Our fellows help us continue our mission. Learn more at: 11,170
Data from the past 30 days

Female vs Male Page Likes

  • Female 173,858
  • Male 884,108

Facebook Daily Reach

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May 22, 2018
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May 21, 2018
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