Smart Water & Sewage Management Platform using IoT, AI & ML for Rural India

Nimble Vision is working towards developing technologies, that aims to make rural India's water and energy infrastructure smart and effective, with actionable insights for local people and government in a cost-effective way.

Project Description

Nimble Vision is working towards the goal of making rural India’s Infrastructure smart with actionable insights for common people and local government in a cost-effective way.

Through this technology, it aims to make rural India’s water and energy infrastructure smart and effective. For example, precision irrigation solutions for farmers to save water, smart & cost-effective solutions for the rural public for water distribution, automation on farms, solar lights, windmills, and energy meters monitoring, and building a scalable platform empowering the common people and local government to bring the improvements.

This technology aims to be the world’s first cost-effective IoT platform that is capable of making village and rural infrastructure governance smart without internet in a 10 km radius. It has retrofit compatibility, negligible maintenance, and offers a self-sustaining business model with solar-powered operation capability. In addition, it has support for all the regional languages for easier communications, and voice-based interaction support for increased accessibility.

Depending on the applicant’s skillset, the primary responsibilities will include either:

  • Hardware Design:
    • Build the grid of LoRa nodes and Gateway for various sensor integrations of hardware IoT devices.
  • Software Development:
    • Developing a software platform to support the IoT devices, users and dashboards.
    • Software is aimed to be scalable, supporting 10 million devices and 100 Million people in real-time with all the security and safety measures.


Nimble Vision believes that conserving natural resources is the only way for a bright future. Responsible consumption is the need of the hour, and Nimble Vision is working towards helping customers to bring this awareness by providing massive data analytics and insights through its products. Nimble Vision’s technology helps rural communities, farmers and industries to conserve water, energy and money with massive data analytics, and AI solutions.

Eligibility Criteria

Skills / Experience:

  • Required:
    • Electronics Design, Prototyping, and Testing
    • Back End Programming
    • API Development
    • Control Systems + Systems Design / Analysis
  • Desired: (Either hardware or software skillsets)
    • Hardware: Experience working with LoRa networks and sensor integration. Experience in designing IoT technology for rural infrastructures, specifically for those without internet connectivity
    • Software: Experience developing scalable software for IoT devices and technologies. Experience in designing software architecture which is highly scalable supporting 10 million devices or 100 million users.


  • Electronics Engineering
  • Computer sciences

Preferred fellow local experience (all projects can be completed remotely):

  • Any

Time zone compatibility (when the Fellow should be available for meetings):

  • IST (UTC+05:30)

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