Research: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Engineering for Change (E4C) research?

E4C’s research work cuts across geographies and sectors to deliver an ecosystem view of technology for good. This is featured on E4C’s website as digestible and insightful reports such as State of Engineering for Global Development, Trend Analysis, Field Insights, Research Collaborations, and more, that can immediately be absorbed and implemented to the world‐changing development challenges. See more on E4C’s Research page.

2. Who conducts E4C’s research?

Targeted research is conducted by E4C staff, Fellows, experts from the E4C network and our associated collaborators and clients.

3. Who can be an E4C research partner?

E4C Research Collaborations seek multilateral organizations, nonprofits, foundations, non-government organization, corporations and universities around the world who share our vision for sustainable community impact through technology to improve quality of life in the developing world.

4. What are some examples of past research collaborations?

5. What are the benefits of becoming a research partner?

By joining E4C in a leadership role, E4C partners have the opportunity to shape the E4C research agenda, advance the skills of early‐career engineers through the E4C Research Fellowship and provide tangible pathways for their leadership development in advancing the engineering profession to meet society’s toughest problems.

6. I am interested in becoming a partner for a Research Collaboration. How do I become one?

Please contact us at if you have a question, idea, or want to work with us on a research project.

7. What does sponsoring a Research Collaboration include? 

The expenses associated with the E4C Research Collaborations support program management costs, researcher costs, and all related expenses associated with the research process, including field visits, leadership development training, etc.

8. Are there different levels of partnership with E4C?

Yes. The level of investment will determine the number of Fellows/researchers involved in the research, the length and depth of the final report and additional opportunities to share the results of the work at international conferences, digital platforms and E4C’s global programs and conferences. To become a partner contact us at

9. Who has E4C partnered with?

Look at our sponsors and partners on E4C’s Who we are page.

E4C Partnership Testimonials: 

“The Fellowship program that Feeding Tomorrow sponsored allowed us to explore the opportunity to fund graduate fellowships and understand the impact of collaboration across organizations to identify solutions leveraging engineering expertise and partnership.” / “We were most impressed with the interest of fellows and mentor process” Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)

“E4C is a great organization that is leveraging the knowledge and assets of ASME toward positive impact. I worked with them and was impressed by the quality of their deliverables. It’s a very engaged team, with talented passionate people, that will put the effort into making your project a success.” Autodesk

“We got good data and a writeup of the results that have impacted the direction of our strategic thinking, research methodologies, and program directions.” D-Lab

“We were most impressed with how aligned it was with the need we had. The hard work of your researcher. The involvement of the broader ASME community all along the way to ensure success and satisfaction.” Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST)   

“Collaboration with E4C was easy and marked by extreme professional attitude at all times. The team went above and beyond what could be interpreted as a research commission role, to make sure that the final product fulfils the expectations and serves a real purpose”./ “The formula, model, timing and output are just ideal for our fast paced project cycle management requirements and allowed us to rely on unbiased, in depth technical analysis at a reasonable price and at the right time.” Norwegian Refugee Council

“We would certainly recommend E4C’s fellows and the quality of work done by their fellows.” Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IIT Madras

“E4C connected our students to a really unique and valuable network of development engineering solutions and practitioners, and has impacted both students working on projects in Australia and internationally, including through the Research Fellowship opportunity. Professional events, resources and excellent team – I am excited to have connected with E4C for teaching, research and technical solutions development – keen to collaborate much more!” University of Technology Sydney


If you have additional questions please contact: Best of luck!

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