We’re challenging innovators around the world to use technology to address the challenges of meeting the planet’s need for adequate food and clean water. Frequently Asked Questions about Innovate for Impact: Siemens Design Challenge are noted below. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please email us at innovation@engineeringforchange.org

Does the proposed solution have to be entirely new or can a design be developed or extended on existing technology?
The submitted solution does not have to be entirely new. It can improve on an existing technology.
Do I need a team to enter?
While we encourage multidisciplinary teams, product concepts may be submitted by teams or individuals.
I am not an engineer or a designer, can I still participate?
Yes. We encourage anyone with an innovative solution to apply. Although it’s beneficial to have either an engineering or design background, it is not required. Every idea can make a difference.
Do I need to have any prior experience designing for low-resource settings?
No, we welcome individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels to participate in the Challenge.
Do I need to have engineering experience to participate?
Not necessarily, although the challenge capitalizes on Siemens’ computer-aided design (CAD) software, and we will provide online tutorials to instruct new users about how to take advantage of this free software application.
What qualifies as an innovative concept?
Innovation happens at all levels of product design, development and implementation. You may uncover cost saving measures through alternative manufacturing processes, or you may implement a new technology that improves efficiency, or discover new use cases for an existing product. All of these innovations are worth exploring, and because design is an iterative process, your concept will certainly evolve over the duration of the challenge.
Can I still enter if I don’t have any CAD experience?
Yes, however it is assumed that participants have a basic understanding of CAD concepts. We provide this basic knowledge with Solid Edge tutorials. These will be provided throughout the course of the challenge.
Will my Intellectual Property be protected?
The Siemens Design Challenge is an open source competition. Siemens will not directly benefit from the concepts submitted and/or selected. By participating in the design challenge, you are agreeing to share the specifics of your concept with the general public. Please refer to Terms of Use posted on the challenge site.
What does it cost to enter?
It is free to submit an application and participate in the design challenge.
Who are the organizations behind this contest?
Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of power generation and distribution, intelligent infrastructure for buildings and distributed energy systems, and automation and digitalization in the process and manufacturing industries. Siemens is also a world-leading supplier of medical technology and digital healthcare services as well as environmentally friendly solutions for onshore and offshore wind power generation. For more than 160 years, the company has innovated and invented technologies to support global industry spanning manufacturing, energy, healthcare and infrastructure. Today, Siemens has around 377,000 employees in more than 200 countries/regions. Siemens operates in production and manufacturing plants worldwide. In addition, Siemens has office buildings, warehouses, research and development facilities or sales offices in almost every country/region in the world.

Engineering for Change (E4C) is a knowledge organization dedicated to preparing, educating and activating the international engineering workforce to improve the quality of life of underserved communities worldwide. E4C provides access to resources, talent and platforms that accelerate the development of impactful solutions and infuse engineering rigor into global development. Our diverse, global community of over 1 million people is comprised of engineers, technologists, social entrepreneurs and development practitioners.

E4C was founded by ASME, IEEE and Engineers Without Borders-USA and is now supported by a variety of partners and sponsors ranging from industry, academia, non-profits and multilateral organizations.
Is there someone available to answer questions throughout the challenge?
Additional FAQs will be added throughout the Challenge. Questions can be directed to innovation@engineeringforchange.org