Firefly Mini Gen 2.5

Barefoot Power Ltd.

Multi-purpose solar lantern providing direct lighting for personal tasks.

Product description

Multi-purpose solar lantern providing direct lighting for personal tasks.

Target region(s)

[Main focus in Africa] ( “”), with aims for Asia and America.

Distributors/implementing organizations

[Barefoot Power] ( “”). [Simba Telecom] ( “”) is the biggest mobile phone retailer in East Africa, with more than 30 retail outlets and hundreds of mobile dealers in Uganda. In December 2010, Simba selected the Barefoot Power Firefly Mobile Lamp to provide phone charging capabilities.

[One Renewable Energy Enterprise, Inc.] ( “”) “One Renewable” in the Philippines partnered with Micro Finance Institutions and local Distributors / Contractors to create a livelihood program that provides business opportunities for the community as well as maintain a strong and reliable sales and after sales network.

Market suggested retail price

$36.99 USD from [Amazon] ( “”)

$11.69 USD from [Urjakart] ( “”)

Competitive landscape

Barefoot’s own Powapack Matrix 2.5W and Junior Powapack 2.5W. Competitors: D light S1, S2, and S300, ToughStuff Light Kit, Greenlight Planet Sun King Pro, Megabrite 1000

Kerosene lamps and lanterns.

SDG targeted

[Goal #7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all]( “”)

Target user(s)

[Low income families] ( “”) in need of safe and affordable lighting solution.

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