EAWAG System

Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology (Eawag)

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Product description

[EAWAG:] ( is an ultrafiltration low-pressure system for household water treatment. Ultrafiltration is an effective technology to treat water and can be applied on a decentralized scale. Most ultrafiltration membranes have pores, which are smaller than the size of bacteria and viruses. Thus, water filtered through these membranes is micro-biologically safe.

Target region(s)
Distributors/implementing organizations

[EAWAG] ( “”) – Swiss-based and internationally active research institute within the ETH domain (Swiss Federal Institute of Science and Technology)

Market suggested retail price

Projected Cost: ~20 CHF ($20 USD) per [household] ( “”)

Competitive landscape

Lifestraw, Ceramic Filters / Candle Filters, PureIt, Aquasure, Tata Swach, Ensign, Seefar, PureIt Marvello,
Aquaguard, Emrald.

SDG targeted

[SDG #6: Clean water and sanitation](

Target user(s)

Low-income families

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