Firefly Phototherapy Device

DtM, East Meets West Foundation, Medical Technology Transfer Services

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Product description

Intuitive phototherapy device designed to treat newborns with jaundice in low-resource settings.

Target region(s)
Burundi, Cambodia, Ghana, Haiti, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Timor-Leste, Viet Nam
Distributors/implementing organizations

East Meets West Foundation through its Breath of Life program, MTTS for [direct sales.]( “”)

Market suggested retail price

$350 USD to manufacture; distributed as a donation through the East Meets West Foundation. $1500 USD through [MTTS]( “”)

Competitive landscape

Brilliance (D-Rev); Medela Bilibed; Draeger Photo-Therapy; BluLine Phototherapy; Breath of Life (BOL) Phototherapy; Natus neoBLUE

SDG targeted

Goal [3] ( “”): to improve and promote good health.

Mild to severe jaundice in newborns. 10% of all newborns worldwide require treatment for jaundice to prevent severe brain damage, lifelong disability, and death.

Target user(s)

Rural health care centers treating mild to severe newborn jaundice.

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