LifeStraw Family 1.0

Vestergaard Frandsen

last updated 5 days ago


Product description

[LifeStraw® Family 1.0] ( “”) is a high-volume, point-of-use water purifier for use in homes without access to clean water from municipal sources. It helps prevent often deadly waterborne diseases for families in developing countries and is effective in emergency settings following natural disasters which can contaminate water

Target region(s)
Africa, Asia, Europe/Middle East, North America
Distributors/implementing organizations

[Vestergaard-Frandsen] ( “”)

Market suggested retail price

Available on [Amazon] ( “”) and [Eartheasy] ( “”) for $74.95.

Competitive landscape

Ceramic Filters / Candle Filters, PureIt,
Aquasure, Tata Swach, Ensign,
Seefar,PureIt Marvello,
Aquaguard, Emrald

SDG targeted

[SDG #6: Clean water and sanitation](

Target user(s)

[Households] ( “”) without access to clean water from municipal sources.

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