Piteba Oil Expeller

Edwin Blaak

last updated 5 days ago


Product description

Piteba Oil Expeller: A manually operated, universal oil expeller with small size and lightweight features used for continuous pressing of seeds.

Target region(s)
Distributors/implementing organizations

[Piteba] ( “”), [Amazon] ( “”), [resellers] ( “”)

Market suggested retail price

$85.06 + $36.95 USD shipping USD [Piteba] (ht “”)

$156.00 USD ([Amazon] ( “”))

Competitive landscape

[Suppliers] ( “”) that compete with the Piteba oil press include Lutanda Limited, Agrico Agricultural Engineers Limited, Smallholder Agricultural Mechanisation Services – SAMS, Tanroy Engineering Ltd, Fateco Ltd, CGC Agricultural Service Ltd, TAMSA Trading, SP Engineering Corporation, Rajan Universal Exports, Tagore Road, Traas Metaal BY
[BDC Systems Limited] ( “”)

SDG targeted

[Goal 8:]( “”) promote sustainable economic growth and productive employment.

Target user(s)

DIY [Households and small-scale farmers] ( “”) worldwide with internet/shipping access.

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