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Product description

[Tata Swach Smart Nanotech Water Purifier:] ( is a household, gravity driven water water purifier which uses the Silver Nano-Technology to remove bacteria and viruses from drinking water.

Target region(s)
Distributors/implementing organizations

Tata sells this product directly through their [website] (″). Additional distributors include [Essmart]( “”) and [Amazon India] ( “”)

Market suggested retail price

Tata Swach Smart costs [Indian National Rupees 1,349.00] ( or $20.46 USD on Tata’s website and [Indian National Rupees 1,175.00] ( “”) or $17.83 USD on Amazon India’s website. Via [Essmart]( “”) RS. 1,299.00 or $19.64 USD

Competitive landscape

Some [competitors include]( “”): Sujal, priced at $2.36 (with replaceable filter bed at $0.40); Kent Gold UF Membrane Filter priced at Rs. $125 – $141.40 USD; Hindustan Lever PureIt (battery operated); Eureka Forbes AquaSure Amrit; cloth and jali mesh filters

SDG targeted

[SDG #6: Clean water and sanitation](

Target user(s)

The product is designed to target BoP customers but the majority of purchasers are working class, lower to middle income Indians, who do not have access to a safe drinking water source.

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