Category: Agriculture

Raheja Solar Dryer

Containerized Maize Mill

The Greenhouse Technology

Bhungroo Water Harvesting System

RainMaker 2

Jang JP-1

Safi Sarvi

Fenik Yuma 60 L

Solar Agro-Processing Power Stations

Zero Till Seed Fertilizer Drill

Lifeway Solar Cow Milking Machine

Aeration Technology

Chimney Solar Dryer

Charcoal Cooler

Cold Hubs

CoolBot Walk-in Cooler

SAYeTECH Multi-Crop Thresher

John Deere Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill

Shaktiman Square Fertilizer Broadcaster

Lifeway Solar Poultry Incubator

Evaporative Cooling Chambers

Data coming soon

Honeycomb AgDrone

Sparky Dryer


D-Lab Corn Sheller

Compadre Coffee Roaster

Farmers Hope Organic Fertilizer


Mahindra Fertilizer Spreader

Ndume Ndogo Air Seeder

Mnyunyizi Drip Irrigation Kit

Barrix Catch Vegetable Fly Trap

E48 Egg Incubator

Rocker Water Pump

Drip Kit with Solar Pump

KSNM Direct Paddy Seeder

EasyDry M500 Maize Dryer

GF1 Submersible Solar Pump

SOL5 Oven

Amiran Shade Nets

Dankoff Solar Force Piston Pump

KSNM Rain Hose

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