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Habitat For Humanity: Construction Manual

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Flood Resistance of the Building Envelope

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FEMA Coastal Construction Manual

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Small Structure Demolition Manual

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Bridges to Prosperity Construction Manual

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Child Friendly Spaces in Emergencies: A Handbook for Save the Children Staff

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MANUAL: Child Friendly Schools

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Retrofitting of Existing Vulnerable School Buildings – Assessment and Retrofitting – Part I

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Retrofitting of Existing Vulnerable School buildings – Assessment to Retrofitting. Part II

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Handbook of Typical School Design

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World Housing Encyclopedia: Single-Family Reinforced Concrete Frame Houses

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Home Builder’s Guide to Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction

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Equity in the Arts Toolkit

Aeration Technology

Gift of Water filter

Hach Drinking Water Test Kit

Extech FL700 Fluoride Meter

ANDalyze AND1100 Fluorimeter

3M™ Petrifilm™ Aqua Coliform Count Plates

Ekofil filter

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​WATERisLIFE Nano Bucket Filter

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ApTech Solar Street Light

E Tuk Tuk

Ola Cabs

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Loop Scooters

UP Noah

Planet Monitoring

TaroWorks offline CRM


Open Learning Exchange – OLE


The GreenCast Turf App

Amp Impact

Sawyer POINTOne 10” Filter

Sawyer Point ZeroTwo Water Purifier

Solar Flyhorse Light

Sunrun Brightbox

Mera Gao Power Micro Grids

KOKOpoint Fuel Dispenser

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