Mobile Hydro Rotor

SMART Turbine

El Fuego del Sol Recycled Briquettes

AEST Agricultural Waste Charcoal Briquettes

Freeplay FHRM


Montals F2-m Biogas Stove

Lucia Stove

Embrace Infant Warmer


Philips Fan Stove HD4012

Kenyan Domestic Ceramic Jiko Stove

Greenway Smart Stove

Envirofit M-5000

EcoZoom Plancha

EcoZoom Jet

Burn Jikokoa

PATH Safe Delivery Kit

BioLite HomeStove

AGNI Star Rice Husk Gas Stove

Janma Clean Birth Kit

ACE-1 Ultra Clean Biomass Cookstove


SimGas GesiShamba

ADRA Cold Climate Biodigester

ARTI Biogas Plant


Biro Air Turbine

Qr6 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

ShangRing Circumcision Device

Prepex Circumcision Device

ZanaAfrica Pads

Be Girl FlexiPads

Saathi Pads

ReadyPay 10W Home Starter Kit

go! Pads

Angaza PAYG Platform

MakaPads Sanitary Pads

Sure Chill Vaccine Refrigerator BLF100 DC

Lumeter PAYG Technology

mWater Surveyor App

Vaccine Refrigerator BFRV55

SWEETSense Technologies

Arktek Passive Vaccine Storage Device

AFD-1 Water Flow Sensor

Wello WaterWheel

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