Prepex Circumcision Device

ZanaAfrica Pads

Be Girl FlexiPads

Saathi Pads

ReadyPay 10W Home Starter Kit

go! Pads

Angaza PAYG Platform

MakaPads Sanitary Pads

Sure Chill Vaccine Refrigerator BLF100 DC

Lumeter PAYG Technology

mWater Surveyor App

Vaccine Refrigerator BFRV55

SWEETSense Technologies

Arktek Passive Vaccine Storage Device

AFD-1 Water Flow Sensor

Wello WaterWheel

Q Drum

Hippo Water Roller



Partners for Development Taxi Service

Namibian Bicycle Ambulance

Suspension Footbridges



IFRC Shelter Kit

Uniject Nonreusable Syringe

Viva™ Thermal Sleeping Mat

Emergency Floor

Data coming soon

PATH Disposable Syringe Jet Injector (DSJI)


Star ID device

Hydraform M9

Adopress 5000

AECT Impact 2001A Compressed Earth Block Machine

Terrabric 2B

UNICEF/UNHCR Reinforced Plastic Tarpaulin

Data coming soon

Dose Right syringe clips

UN/IFRC Woven Flexible Tarpaulin

Better Shelter


Berkeley-Darfur Stove V.14

EcoZoom Dura

Envirofit G-3300

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