The Victoria Hand

Electronically Controlled Gravity-feed (ECGF) Infusion Set

Integrated Resuscitation Systems

Disposable Delivery Kits

Styro-plastic Densifiers

The Solar PV Cookstove

Solar PV Cook-stove

Sunspot Electric Stove


Oxygen Reservoir System

Pure Water Phone Box

Water Governance Institute Aquaponics System


Ari -Sanitary Pad Dispenser


FlexMo Crutch

Futurepump SF2


The Living Machine

NG-SEPCLEAN (Next Generation Septic Tank)

Filtro Purificador Pasivo Rural

Isla Urbana Tlaloc Kit

Isla Urbana Chaac Kit

Body Belt Incubator

Eco1 Himalayan Rocket Stove

Eco Rocket Stove

Stan Valet Airport Parking Robot

Standard Prefab House


FundaciĆ³n Capital [Finance Education]

Humanitarian Data Exchange

Caminos de la Villa


Raheja Solar Dryer

Hearing Aid BW-265

Data coming soon

Surprise Soap

Containerized Maize Mill

The Greenhouse Technology

Bhungroo Water Harvesting System

ClimateSmart™ Solar Energy System


Data coming soon

Halisi Trolley

RainMaker 2

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