KIKE Green Cook KD1

Estufa Palermo


Luxor CP500

Solar Street Universal Solar

EnGo Tower

Kavita Solar LED Street Lights

Kavita Solar LED Lantern

Solav Water Heating System

Crush Light

Data coming soon

Okra Pod

Zero Till Seed Fertilizer Drill

Lifeway Solar Cow Milking Machine


Data coming soon

Tambula GPS Tracking


Rainforest Connection

Atlan Collect




Data coming soon

Colempaques ceramic candle filter

Agualogic water filter



Safe Haven Library

S House 3

Multipurpose Hall in Kenya

Familia del Tío Beto

Abari Transitional Shelter

ThermoPlan MZ70®

Katadyn Survivor 06

Data coming soon

Participatory Approach for Safe Shelter Awareness

Data coming soon

Haiti Earthquake Reconstruction: Knowledge Notes

Data coming soon

Towards Safer School Construction: A Community-Based Approach

Data coming soon

Sustainable Reconstruction in Urban Areas: A Handbook

Data coming soon

A how-to guide for the legal sale of property in Haiti

Data coming soon

Habitat For Humanity: Construction Manual

Data coming soon

Flood Resistance of the Building Envelope

Data coming soon

FEMA Coastal Construction Manual

Data coming soon

Small Structure Demolition Manual

Data coming soon

Bridges to Prosperity Construction Manual

The @AutodeskFdn blogged about our how-to guide for communities writing proposals for development projects