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Guest Author

How to Choose a Mobile Data Collection Platform

April 3, 2018 collection platform may have worked well in another context or for another program, challenges could arise when...

Pallavi Bharadwaj

The Circular Economy Can Solve Food and Water Problems in Rajasthan, Malawi and the World

March 22, 2019

...aquifers. An open windrow composting can also be a low-cost option for local council to manage their organic...

Alex Green

ICT4D: Connecting the Unconnected Tech Trends

February 11, 2019

... C. Henry, “Amid concerns, OneWeb gets vague about constellation’s cost,” Space News, 12 September 2018. ....

Ming Zhang

For protection from China’s air pollution, fund affordable filter design

September 17, 2015

...Economies at the University of California, Berkeley, where I attend, courses like Design for Sustainable Communities and competitions...

Guest Author

How to Build an Earthquake-Resistant Home: An Earthbag Construction Manual

March 18, 2018

...Location, climate, terrain and the availability and cost of labor and local materials, community support are all factors...

Rob Goodier

The Hemafuse blood autotransfusion device heads to clinical trials

January 4, 2016

...Ghana informed several design changes to prevent the misuse of Hemafuse and contamination of the blood, Katherine Kirsch,...

Peter Kyeyune

Manufacturing and Sustainability in China

December 6, 2018

...set of standard that address environmental management. References Statista (2017): China: Composition of GDP (gross domestic product) across...

Rob Goodier

Tweet roundup: Kite wind power and community co-creation edition

August 18, 2013

...the case. Walking the line between participation and manipulation in co-creating community-owned solutions: … — Catapult_Design (@Catapult_Design)...

Appropriate Technology

COVID-19 Continues to Dominate

May 12, 2021

...of our partnership with the magazine. For more, please see the magazine’s site: The impact of COVID-19...

Ugochi Amadi

Nine Digital Innovations that Improve City Life Worldwide

May 4, 2020

... About the Author Ugochi...

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