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Tweet roundup | Resilience, bioterrorism and 3D printing edition

We present our twice-monthly snapshot of interesting tweets in the technology for global development space. For up-to-the-minute updates from E4C…

Gogoro 3

The Gogoro 3 is an electric smart scooter built in Taiwan.


OneDollarGlasses are low-cost corrective lenses.

Solar Engineer/Motorcycle Design

PROJECT: More than 287,000 women and 3,000,000 babies die from pregnancy-related conditions every year, while millions more are injured in…


Six practical ideas to reach Sustainable Development Goal Six (SDG6): Safe Water Access

Of the 844 million people worldwide who do not have basic water services, some 80 percent live in rural areas…

Reading list: Exploring the Connection Between Engineering and Social Justice

I’ve been fortunate enough in my career to find time to explore a complex topic that’s one of my passions:…