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The Solutions Library is an open-access and curated knowledge database showcasing technology-driven solutions addressing sustainable development challenges in resource-constrained settings.

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Solutions Library FAQs

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

The Solutions Library caters to a wide audience, including designers, manufacturers, implementers, and academics. It aims to guide decision-making in technology selection for a specific challenge and serves as an educational resource for academics by offering insights into existing technologies and their relevance across diverse sectors and regions.

E4C employs a robust Information development process to manage product selection, research, peer review, publication, and platform maintenance. We collaborate with credible organizations to source data from diverse channels, including partner submissions, expert networks, and crowdsourced information. Each entry, defined as a ‘Product Report’,’ in the Solutions Library is authored by our Solutions Authors, composed of technical professionals with specialized knowledge in targeted sustainable development challenges.

No, however, to access the information in our database you need to be registered as an E4C Member.

E4C does not directly sell or endorse any products or innovations within the Solutions Library. What we provide through our Product Reports is detailed technical information sourced through research of verified documentation according to E4C’s technical assessment framework.

Users can browse products globally by name or use codified filters. Narrow down your search by sector, sub-sector, technology category, geographic region, price range, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To find solutions for specific problems, explore technology categories or choose preferred SDGs.

In the Solutions Library, each entry, known as a 'Product Report,' follows a standardized information taxonomy. This taxonomy is based on an engineering perspective and is guided by expert advisors focusing on dimensions including: technical performance, market compliance, evaluation methods, and standards. The Solutions Library features a variety of technology-based solutions that span different stages of market maturity, from emerging to mature. These solutions are further categorized into distinct product classes such as individual household solutions, community-based solutions, and service-based solutions. Additionally, they are subject to diverse technology protection frameworks, ranging from open-source to IP protected.

All content on E4C is subject to Creative Commons license. The Solutions Library is an open-access knowledge database, aligning with E4C's commitment to open science and improving tools for accessible scientific knowledge of technology-driven solutions. Users have the flexibility to download any of our Product Reports in CSV or PDF format without restrictions.

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