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Teaching Global Health, engaging students in international experiences, and conducting Environmental Health research at Lehigh University PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Virginia Tech Former E4C Fellow (2015) + Expert Fellow (2017) MSPH in Global Disease Epidemiology and Control from Johns Hopkins BS in Biology from Penn State

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Watching students uncover their passions, learn about challenges and lifestyles they've never been exposed to before, and being able to help them bridge the gap between their interests and DOING.

Knowledge vetting, management, and transfer is a large challenge that I see today and a barrier to sustainable development progress. The continual re-invention of technologies that already exist, as opposed to building upon knowledge that exist is a cultural shift that should change. Therefore technologies and innovations that assist us in overcoming this challenge are crucial.

My real-life superpower is communicating complex science in general terms with analogies. Plus, becoming best friends with every dog.

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