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Susan has been at Canterbury University since 2000. Her research focuses on developing the engineering methods and innovative technologies for adaptation to reduced fossil fuel production and consumption. She is an expert in developing new ideas for dealing with oil supply issues in transportation systems and urban planning. She is the leader of a group of engineering professionals and academics working to establish the Global Association for Transition Engineering (GATE). Transition Engineering is an emerging field that works on fossil fuel reduction change projects for industry and the public sector. She was appointed to the RSNZ Energy Panel in 2005, was selected as the IET prestige lecturer in 2010, and won the CU Gold Sustainability Award in 2011 for organizing Signs of Change, the first national no-travel conference, and Silver Sustainability award in 2013 for her work on From the Ground Up, an urban redevelopment approach. She has worked with Professor Frank Kreith on the first energy engineering text with coverage of Transition Engineering. Professor Krumdieck has published over 130 peer-reviewed papers, supervised a total of 17 PhD student completions, and been awarded over $5M in research grants as principle investigator.

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