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With a desire to explore how science and technology can be used for social impact, architecture for Valerie has provided a platform to engage with the thrill of providing solutions to improve the performance of buildings in a way that is functional and responsive to the setting where the buildings are situated. Her interest in tailoring actions to local solutions has led to the pursuit of her graduate studies in the School of Engineering Design and Innovation at Pennsylvania State University , the founding of her firm Design Kraal and the founding of an artisan training centre in gem Kenya

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I was inspired by architects leveraging their technical training for social impact. Further, through experience with volunteering in the construction of homes and designing projects, I recognized the need for a healthy and complementary relationship between global development and social impact, which resultantly led me to redefine my approach to design, recognizing the invaluable role of architecture in value addition and the need for articulation of this in providing successful interventions.

The global brain Interconnected information systems and collaborative intelligence, is critical for sustainable development. Technologies like data analytics, renewable energy solutions, and advanced communication networks play key roles in harnessing the global brain. Additionally, disseminating news on best practices further accelerates the adoption of sustainable approaches worldwide.

Being spatially trained probably awakened this superpower -I can reconfigure spaces in real time in a heart beat !

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