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Rob Goodier

Promising Prototypes to Watch in 2021

January 15, 2021

A solar-powered water desalinator, a passive irrigation controller and cooking fuel made from used diapers made our list of...

Rob Goodier

Impact.Engineered Honors Five Thought Leaders Shaping the Future of Global Development

December 18, 2020

Impact.Engineered celebrates the innovators who are shaping global development, and this year we bestowed five well-deserved honors on the...

Rob Goodier

Post Impact.Engineered 2020, the Decade of Action Has Begun

December 17, 2020

See every Impact.Engineered 2020 keynote, panel discussion, breakout group and workshop in this video playlist The decade of action...

Jonathan Kemp

Challenges in the Implementation of Technology Projects: An Assessment Framework

December 10, 2020

Growing evidence affirms that community ownership of a development project is key for longterm impact. Instinctively, we know that we are...

Rob Goodier

Research Brief: With Support, Social Enterprise Could Drive Job Growth in Africa

November 28, 2020

Social enterprises may drive job growth in Africa, creating as many as 1 million new jobs in the next...

Elizabeth Collins

Eight Ways to Go Zero Waste During the Pandemic

November 25, 2020

Much has been made of the ecological silver lining of the coronavirus pandemic, the steep drop in carbon emissions,...

Bryan Sherrill

Five Lessons Learned Working as a Global Development Engineer

November 5, 2020

In a single day on the job, development engineers can act as a mechanical engineer, environmental engineer, project manager,...

Rob Goodier

E4C Visualized: Our First Decade in Photos

November 3, 2020

Engineering for Change celebrates our 10th anniversary this year. To commemorate the ocassion, we’ve flipped through the photo album...

Rob Goodier

E4C Turns 10: A Decade of Growth Leads to a Decade of Action

October 22, 2020

Engineering for Change turns 10 this year, and we consider the milestone as the halfway mark between two decades...

Evan Thomas

Profiles in Global Engineering: Five Questions with Heather Fleming

October 2, 2020

Engineering for Change invites Dr. Evan Thomas, Director of the Mortenson Center in Global Engineering at the University of...


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