The E4C Solutions Library bridges information gaps in technologies
that improve quality of life for people and the planet.  E4C is committed to increasing accessible scientific knowledge of technology-driven
solutions for resource-constrained settings.
Solution implementers find neutral, unbiased information and product feedback;
product designers receive exposure and recognition of the quality of their products.

Our Approach

E4C recognized the global challenge of unanswered questions in technology-based solutions. To meet this need, in 2012, we developed the Solutions Library—a knowledge database. It offers standardized information with an engineering focus, empowering decision-makers and promoting quality standards. The library serves diverse users, guiding decision-making, reducing redundancy, and supporting education in global development engineering. E4C's role is as an information provider, offering insights into technologies for various sectors and users, fostering sustainable solutions in resource-constrained settings. The E4C Solution Library strives to:

How to Use the Solutions Library

User Guide

Find out more about how to navigate our database to find solutions to the sustainable development challenges you are looking to address. Convenient browsing of products is available via global search or user-friendly filtering by technology category, target geographic regions, market suggested retail price, and distribution to date.

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Solutions Provider Directory

Explore our directory of over 100 Solutions Providers who are at the forefront of developing fit-for-service hardware and software solutions for social innovation, addressing sustainable development challenges.

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Author Directory

Discover our Solutions Authors Community, the driving force behind the knowledge within our library. This community comprises a diverse group of technical professionals, each with specialized expertise in their chosen sustainable development challenges of interest.

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Join our team of testers and help provide evidence of the quality and compliance of solutions in our library.

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