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Gustav Isaksson

Love and ICT improving waste management in Maputo

November 9, 2017 using ICT to have direct communication with citizens on where there are waste problems. Residents can download...

Rob Goodier

RFID cards could streamline rural health care in developing countries

November 7, 2013

A teetering stack of documents on a storage-room shelf can pass for a medical record filing system in...

Ben Taylor

Floating sea bags are set to scour plastic waste from the ocean by 2020

March 18, 2017

...for a larger platform that Slat hopes will be running by 2020. Their story is one that continues...

Frank Bergh

Trends, temptations and tweets at IEEE’s Global Humanitarian Technology Conference

October 25, 2013

...‘toy’. It’s a ‘communication tool’ … — Daniel Oerther (@danieloerther) October 24, 2013 Spectrum issues are an...

Charles Newman

Building a kitchen in Kenya: $0.00

July 8, 2011

...consultant for projects in Africa and Haiti. Find out more about his work at You can reach...

Rob Goodier

How design can boost the growth of renewable energy in developing countries

September 24, 2013

Power cuts were frequent in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India, and when it went out, sewing machines at a...

Kimani Chege

The STI Forum Delivers Innovation for Sustainable Development

June 10, 2021

From ultrasound on a mobile phone to robo-calls for fortified wheat: the STI Forum delivered innovation for sustainable...

Khanjan Mehta

E4C Drawn Out: Is that a corn sheller?

June 4, 2015

Frame Changers takes a funny view on issues in global development and social entrepreneurship. For more please see...

Rob Goodier

Five questions with Shyam Rajan, Chief Technology Officer at GE Healthcare, India

January 16, 2015

Usability and human factors engineering will play a big role in product design, because ease of use is...

Rowena Barber

The new face of women in water

August 16, 2017

...roles while also underscoring the importance of sharing knowledge with future leaders. Photo by Bipin Shiwakoti To view...

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