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Jackie Halliday

Technologies for Connecting the Unconnected

August 14, 2017

Last summer, the UN declared that it considers the internet to be a human right. However, according to...

Iana Aranda

Virtual Demo: The Toolbox on Solar Powered Irrigation Systems

July 26, 2018

...system efficiency, financial viability and the unsustainable use of water. The toolbox is comprised of informative modules supplemented...

Shirley Cheng

Design of Off-Grid Systems Part 2: System Design

November 15, 2018

...look for (and avoid) when selecting system components Presenter: Dr. Henry Louie is an Associate Professor and Fr....

Rob Goodier

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for Human Development

March 14, 2019

...largely been abstract, with little specificity about where big data and AI can help. Indeed, there is a...

Jana Melpolder

Virtual Salon: Open Source and 3D-Printable Medical Equipment Meet Global Shortages

May 14, 2020

...– How universities are responding to COVID-19 to better support students – How communities living with constrained resources...

Jana Melpolder

Design for Impact with Solid Edge 3D Tools

November 27, 2019

Design is easier with the right tools. See how to give shape to your ideas and build life-changing...

Shirley Cheng

Energy Access and Requirements of Rural Communities

September 11, 2018

...the target communities in mind. To provide that context, this webinar describes the state of energy access in...

Mariela Machado

E4C Fellowship

January 24, 2018

...of engineering for sustainable development through targeted research, analysis and engagement with the E4C community of experts. Sponsored...

Shirley Cheng

Battery Fundamentals for Off-Grid Electrification

November 15, 2018

...this webinar is to demystify batteries. We cover practical topics like how to interpret specification sheets, how to...

Jana Melpolder

A Tool to Measure Household Water Insecurity Globally

April 10, 2019

...crises” as among the top 10 most likely and most impactful global risks. Yet strikingly, there has been...

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