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Rob Goodier

3D Printing with E-Waste: Five Questions for Roy Ombatti

August 26, 2016 a UN University report. And much of that winds up in developing countries where workers strip metals...

Rob Goodier

How a loudspeaker in a cookstove can power appliances and cut pollution

February 8, 2016

This is the prototype of a thermoacoustic device that attaches to cookstoves to generate electricity. Photo courtesy of...

Rob Goodier

How a developing country could defend against tsunamis

April 8, 2011 before the first shovel breaks soil. Retro-fitting an existing building is costlier, Robertson said. A government could...

Rob Goodier

New peer-reviewed journal fills a gap in humanitarian engineering research

September 26, 2012

...project visiting academics, students, engineers and community development professionals in over 20 countries across six continents. It was...

Mike Mader


July 6, 2015

...interdisciplinary approach enabling knowledge sharing, innovation and informed decision making. Being a member of E4C means you are...

Rob Goodier

Coders Converge in Cambridge to Solve Problems in Pakistan

August 31, 2013

...2005, the investment bank Goldman Sachs named Pakistan among the Next Eleven, the countries that, along with the...

Ben Taylor

Can a bracelet craze clean our oceans?

May 9, 2017

...and thousands of beach-combing volunteers around the world. Collecting trash from the beach is a direct way to...

Rob Goodier

What’s Good and What’s Possible: Inspired Engineering and Helpful Tips for a Pandemic

March 25, 2020

...ventillators using printed valves. The online community responded with offers to donate time, know-how and resources to 3D...

The Conversation

Why Jamaica is Winning the Green Tech Game

March 18, 2019

...Mona Campus. Tom Rogers is a senior lecturer at Coventry University in Coventry, England. This article is republished...

Grace Burleson

The Importance of Long-Term Project Planning: Case Studies in Eastern Uganda

November 3, 2017 water treatment solution. The NGO never returned and the residents continued to consume unsafe drinking water. The...

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