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November 9, 2017

Jana Melpolder

Adapt to Thrive: An Energy Startup Reboots

October 21, 2019

...farmlands in India where its customers lived. The crisis had three fronts. The energy company saw mounting competition...

Jana Melpolder

Leapfrogging Energy Solutions Through IoT in Cambodia

August 15, 2019

...of the world? – What challenges come from using solar panels in off-grid communities? – What can all...

Jackie Halliday

The Next Generation of Standards

September 22, 2017

...geophysical test engineer for Schlumberger Wireline Services for 2 years. Sun worked for Boeing Commercial Airplanes for 28...

Jana Melpolder

Virtual Salon: ICT Access & IoT in Low-Resource Settings

November 13, 2019

...Data Communications, Networks and Distributed Systems from University College London, and holds a BA in Computer Science from...

Jana Melpolder

How a Data-Driven Management Operating System Can Help Eradicate Global Poverty

May 14, 2019

...App here. Watch this webinar to learn: – How Solstice can make data comparable and meaningful – The...

Jana Melpolder

Why Offline Technologies Provide Better Solutions for Global Education

July 11, 2019

...Co-Founder and Tech Advisor, who discussed: – Why offline approaches often prove a better solution to providing educational...

Jonathan Kemp

2022 E4C Summer Fellowship

December 9, 2021

...the E4C community and E4C’s Fellow Alumni Network advances their career path. This Fellowship is a part-time and...

Jana Melpolder

Seminar Series: How to Get the Most Out of a Global Social Impact Fellowship

February 4, 2020

...faculty, and external partners come together to increase their capacities for independent inquiry, take intellectual risks and learn...

Shirley Cheng

Virtual Salon on the Topic of Engineering a Circular Economy: Waste-to-Energy Solutions

October 12, 2018

...These technologies convert human, municipal, biomass and other waste into usable energy. The plants and devices have the...

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