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Rob Goodier

Promising Inventions for Global Development at NCIIAS Open Minds 2013

March 20, 2013

Meliza Mitra, Sproxil’s Global Business Coordinator, explains the problem of drug counterfeiting and Sproxil’s solution in this E4C...

Rob Goodier

How to make a 3D-printed mold for rubber prototypes

September 30, 2014

Here’s an idea for manufacturing rubber parts and for rapid prototyping using a 3D printer. You can quickly...

The Conversation

How Africa’s Science Academies Can Help Drive Sustainable Development

August 1, 2019

Many African countries have a long way to go to meet the sustainable development goals. These goals, set...

The Conversation

Low-Income Urban Neighborhoods May Gain the Most from Green Roofs

September 13, 2018

Heat waves aren’t just a source of discomfort. They’re the nation’s deadliest weather hazard, accounting for a fifth...

Rob Goodier

How mobile tech improves global sanitation: Research brief on the Digitization of Sanitation

November 28, 2016

The mobile phone boom of the last decade has given rise to the often-repeated fact that more people...


E4C Association Partners Summit – January 2013

April 3, 2013

E4C was delighted to host a half-day summit of supporting organizations in New York City on January 15th....

Rob Goodier

What you can do to recognize World Habitat Day

September 28, 2010

The first Monday of October is World Habitat Day, the UN’s annual call to provide affordable, adequate shelter...

Helen Lindsay

Technology Research Needed: First Step Toward Improving Life in Syrian Refugee Camps in Lebanon

September 10, 2018

Syrian refugee settlements in Lebanon face challenges in providing for basic needs. These problems are a wide target...

Rob Goodier

Engineering for Change’s webinars are a new way to talk with global technology leaders

April 11, 2012

  You might have noticed a crop of new ideas and newly-heard voices in global development in the...

Rob Goodier

Five Questions with Sam Hamner

March 13, 2013

Knees can be challenging to make. Think about how your knee moves and you’ll see why. It isn’t...

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