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Rob Goodier

Nelson Engineering’s charity run raised money for E4C

February 16, 2015

...track on “Space Coast,” five kilometers south of Kennedy Space Center. Congratulations to Robert and Michelle Longstreet, who...

Rob Goodier

Pipes, Pallets, Snowboards and Jars: How to upcycle with style

May 12, 2012

...and an old filament bulb and it makes a unique and interesting floor lamp.” Photo by Corey Russell...

Rob Goodier

Promising Inventions for Global Development at NCIIAS Open Minds 2013

March 20, 2013

...countries. The idea is simple. Drug companies label their containers with a unique, one-time-use alphanumeric code that consumers...

Rob Goodier

How to make a 3D-printed mold for rubber prototypes

September 30, 2014

...photodectors, giving it a reading of the blood’s oxygen saturation. the Design that Matters team returned recently from...

The Conversation

How Africa’s Science Academies Can Help Drive Sustainable Development

August 1, 2019

...climate change, health and water security. There are national academies of science in 27 African countries and young...

The Conversation

Low-Income Urban Neighborhoods May Gain the Most from Green Roofs

September 13, 2018

...temperatures with green roofs, and used the most electricity for air conditioning. People who reside in poor vulnerable...

Rob Goodier

How mobile tech improves global sanitation: Research brief on the Digitization of Sanitation

November 28, 2016 applications could help toilet service providers like SOIL, Sanergy and x-runner. They can help optimize the coordination...


E4C Association Partners Summit – January 2013

April 3, 2013

...a day of conversation, caucusing and face-to-face consultation designed to help each organization and its members get more...

Rob Goodier

Urine is fertilizing crops and saving money in India

May 22, 2011

...untapped reserve of crop fertilizer. If Indians collected and applied 40 percent of their urine, the country could...

Rob Goodier

Five questions with Ayorkor Korsah

September 16, 2012

...competition underway. Now, a computer science professor in Ghana is helping to pioneer this nascent robotics movement by...

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