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Danna Xue

Microgrids Have a Role in the Global Energy Transition, If They Can Lower Costs

December 22, 2020

...the cost of system installation and maintenance- and the cost of damages incurred by power outages- must be...

Rob Goodier

Tweet roundup: Hardware challenges edition

September 26, 2014

...project is the header of a @FastCoExist page … — Engineering 4 Change (@engineer4change) September 24, 2014...

Rob Goodier

iShow spotlights three heavy-hitting innovations out of India

May 22, 2015

...system cools a 10 metric ton cold storage unit. Photo courtesy of GreenCHILL. GreenCHILL could prevent some of...

Rob Goodier

A Bronx high school tests integrated green roof technologies

August 23, 2011

...and green roof,” says Christina Ho, a part-time Columbia student and department manager at the New York power...

Krista Liguori

From Charity to Enterprise: Reel Gardening’s Transformation that Led to Sustainable Impact

November 16, 2017

...sell to customers who can afford to buy your product. All things considered, this customer population might not...

Rob Goodier

‘Lives Not Grades’ Captures Moments from Gut-Wrenching Field Research in Moria

May 13, 2021

...challenges with engineering, design and storytelling that Mr. Druhora co-founded at USC with Professors Burcin Becerik-Gerber, David Gerber...

Jessica Pothering

As Costs Fall, Designers Take a New Look at Solar Irrigation

February 22, 2017

...could not really compete on price anymore,” Bom says. It only took a couple months to build a...

Appropriate Technology

Covid-19, Water and COP26

June 16, 2021

...our approach of being driven by the real needs of developing countries and demonstrates that water is a...

Susan Krumdieck

Energy Transition Engineering: Meeting the biggest challenge engineers have ever faced

April 19, 2016

...for Transition Engineering (GATE) was founded last month. Professional training and postgraduate research projects are currently available. Companies,...

Rob Goodier

Five Questions for Chris Ategeka

December 21, 2014

...the lack of transportation and medical supplies. Ategeka’s bicycle ambulances are simple covered trailers hauled by bikes, mopeds...

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