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Jessica Pothering

As Costs Fall, Designers Take a New Look at Solar Irrigation

February 22, 2017

Ten years ago, off-grid solar power wasn’t even a blip on the radar. Thanks to significant advancements in...

Appropriate Technology

Covid-19, Water and COP26

June 16, 2021

...with the magazine. For more, please see the magazine’s site: The content of each issue of Appropriate...

Jon Cloke

Low Carbon Transitions and the Tyranny of Scale

December 15, 2016

...Applications, Prog. Photovolt: Res. Appl. 2001; 9:455-474. Tom Roberts and Bronislaw Szerszynski (2011) Metaphors and frames of energy,...

Rob Goodier

iShow spotlights three heavy-hitting innovations out of India

May 22, 2015

...stationary version, and new applications may be coming on line. Here’s the team’s list, from a promotional brochure....



June 10, 2016

weatherHYDE is a temporary shelter designed to provide weather protection for the homeless in hot and cold temperatures.

Diana Jue

Price your products well by accounting for supply chain costs

March 30, 2015

...biggest shopping seasons. Efforts like those have motivated us to continue selling their products through our retail shops....

Rob Goodier

Tips and tools for rapid prototyping

October 6, 2012

...Rob Goodier “We’ve been tweaking the design for a smaller-footprint ultra-low-cost printer, the Wallace,”...

Rob Goodier

Meet a maker: Whit Alexander electrifies Ghana

May 7, 2013

...trying to be the one stop shop for this kind of stuff and building a brand that reduces...

Diane Hendrix

Young World Inventors: A Tanzanian Bike Mechanic’s Journey to MIT, the Smithsonian and His Own Tech Hub

August 19, 2013 using the energy of the pedaling wheel. Then, he built one. From a bike shop to the...

Rob Goodier

Tools You Can Build From Recycled Parts

April 23, 2011 made of recycled materials. His heavy-duty drills, lathes, saws and other tools can handle the same tasks...

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