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Rob Goodier

The case for open-source design in low-cost medical patient transport

December 21, 2016

People who need medical care in rural developing countries can be stranded by long distances to clinics, a lack...

Rob Goodier

E4C Solutions: A solar autoclave for off-grid medical centers

June 28, 2013

Photo courtesy of Adam Compton In this series, we feature technological solutions that our members have proposed. If you...

Kathy Kowalenko

Providing Telemedicine to Peru’s Medical Outposts

September 11, 2012

Reprinted with permission from IEEE’s The Institute Three health facilities in Peru’s remote Amazon jungle can now communicate with...

Rob Goodier

Five questions with Josh Nesbit

December 2, 2011

The cell phone has been a lifesaver for patients in developing countries. It has improved people’s odds of getting help,...

Rob Goodier

African innovators are meeting the continent’s health needs

January 18, 2011

A series of studies on the state of medical science and business in sub-Saharan Africa showed something that a...

Rob Goodier

A repurposed salad spinner could save lives at rural clinics

November 23, 2010

Anemia is easy to diagnose in developed nations, but testing for it in impoverished regions can present a problem....

Rob Goodier

Solar-powered refrigerators on camel back can stock African clinics

July 30, 2010

Vaccines and other medical supplies travel to rural Kenyan communities on camel back. They are the chemical contingent of...


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