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E4C’s mission is to improve the lives of underserved communities by better preparing the global development workforce, optimizing the solutions development cycle, and ensuring public health and safety.

Meet our Team

Noha El-Ghobashy

Noha El-Ghobashy_ Headshot (1) (1)

What is your position at E4C?  President

How long have you been with E4C?  Been with E4C even before it was E4C. Really. It was called something else back in 2008.

What’s on your desk?  Sadly, I rarely use pens or pencils anymore. But I have a big mug full of 23 pens and (mechanical) pencils on my desk. Just in case and because I love them.

What inspires you?  Creative problem solvers, of all ages!

What’s your real-life superpower?  Chasing good deals. Perfected over the years, but largely inherited from my mom. Thanks, Mama!

Twitter: @ghobashy


Iana Aranda

Iana-v2What is your position at E4C?  Director of Programs

How long have you been with E4C?  Since the very beginning! 2008 to be precise.

What’s you favorite underrated technology in global development?  Post-harvest preservation systems are some of the most underrated but significant technologies in global development. About 1.3 billion tons food gets lost globally per year, and much of that occurs in low-income countries. Efficient agricultural preservation systems (such as off-grid refrigerators and crop storage systems) can reduce food losses substantially and improve food security around the world.

What’s your real-life superpower?  I’m immune to jet lag. A fantastic superpower for someone who is a frequent traveler.

What’s in your go bag for fast getaways?  Universal power adapter, camera, running shoes, expandable duffel bag for unexpected souvenirs, sunscreen and Sharpies.

Twitter: @iana_aranda


Rob Goodier


What is your position at E4C? Manager of the news pages

How long have you been with E4C? Since we were in beta with just three dozen testers and a dream.

What’s on your desk? I work on a lap desk on my porch where I can see the Pacific if I stand on tippy toe.

What inspires you? The thoughtful letters I  receive from engineers with a vision for an equitable future.

Cell phones or toilets? Toilets. Because, come on. Phones are great, but toilets.

Twitter: @Goodier


Mariela Machado

Mariela (small)

What is your position at E4C?  Program Manager

How long have you been with E4C? Since February 2016

What inspires you? Human rights and democracy activists

Cell phones or toilets? Phones, since I am passionate about ICT4D and telecom engineer, I stand for cell phones and I believe they can solve many problems in the world!

What’s your real-life superpower? I am a twin, so I sometimes communicate with her without even speaking.

Twitter: @Marielavzla

Founding Partners

Engineering for Change (E4C) works with partners who share our mission and passion for improving the quality of life. E4C strives to build a multidisciplinary coalition of change agents and invites your organization to join us in helping global development practitioners to design and deploy fit-for-service solutions that address quality of life challenges. Our partners help us develop knowledge, re-invent method design and multiply our growing network of practitioners. To become a partner, email us at partners@engineeringforchange.org


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