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Julian studied systems engineering and technical cybernetics. During a semester abroad at Strathclyde University Glasgow, he developed an interest in renewable energies and early focused on solar technology. He has broad experience in control and embedded software engineering and product development from early concept to series production. Focus areas are energy management, hybrid energy, and storage solutions, on- and off-grid solar power plants. Since 2018 he works as a freelance engineer and does research and development of solar cooling products, that are able to work off-the-grid in sunny regions with high demand for cooling. CAD Design, construction and 3D printing of parts for prototypes play a big role here. Also, he is engaged with the engineering and commissioning of solar power plants in Africa. The key focus of Julian is exploring viable ways of manufacturing in the target country with local material and trained local staff, creating job opportunities for people with a deep understanding of the local contexts and the ability to maintain the technology.

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